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Avian Care

dvm (14)"An Ounce of Prevention"
The single most important factor in reducing the number of home emergencies with companion birds is to provide a balanced diet. Proper nutrition significantly reduces the medical attention required for feathers, skin, behavior, obesity, respiratory disorders, reproductive problems and some eye conditions.

Any new bird should be carefully evaluated before purchase, examined by a veterinarian, and quarantined in the home for at least 45 days before contact with existing birds. Initial preventative treatment may be needed, and periodic health checks by your veterinarian are recommended. Learn enough about your bird to provide a proper and safe enviroment.

Avoid: unsupervised freedom, sources of lead, zinc, oils and ointments, cigarette smoke, insecticides, contact with other animals and children, hazardous objects in and near the cage, flimsily constructed or improper toys, overheated non-stick-coated utensils and overuse of disinfectents.

Reference: 2008 Zoological Education Network

Harrison’s Bird Food
Harrison’s Bird Foods is the formula that provides proper nutrition for your bird’s lifetime care, because the single most important thing you can do for your bird is to feed them right.
Harrison’s Bird Foods is a family of certified organic, formulated diets that was created by avian veterinarians and nutritionists with the health of your bird in mind. Our formulas require little or no supplementation.

Dr. Greg Harrison, the main developer of Harrison’s Bird Foods, is a certified avian specialist with 34 years experience in bird care. He has transformed his practice into an avian wellness clinic that incorporates preventive medicine through proper nutrition with Harrison’s Bird Foods.

Harrison’s is sold in veterinary clinics throughout the world. Make an appointment for your bird to see a vet today and be sure to ask for Harrison’s Bird Foods.

Reference: Harrison’s Bird Food Website

Bird Food Special
We are currently offering a Manager’s Special on certain bags of Harrison’s Bird Food that is approaching it’s sell by date -** limited quantity.

  • Adult Lifetime Super Fine

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