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Dr. John Ensign

dr-johnDr. John Ensign spent his childhood in northern Nevada, later moving to southern Nevada where he graduated from Clark High School. His love of animals began at age eight with his best friend Fred, a mutt that he owned with his brother, later buying the half share of Fred for $5. He ran away from home once with Fred, who was the only one who understood why.

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Dr. Regina Anderson

dr-andersonDr. Regina Anderson was born and raised in southwest Iowa. Her childhood pets included dogs, hamsters, mice, fish, a rabbit, and a ferret. She decided to be a veterinarian when she was in middle school and came home to find her ferret Fuzzy was sick. She called every vet in town and they either didn’t treat exotics or they were closed for the day. Her mom promised to help her find a vet for him the next day but he didn’t make it. Since then she has wanted to save all the Fuzzies of the world.

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Dr. Caitlin Hill

drhillOriginally from Santa Monica, California, Dr. Hill grew-up caring for dogs, reptiles, fish and the occasional pocket pet. After getting her first job working as a receptionist in a veterinary clinic, there was no doubt what she would end up doing for her profession.

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Dr. Katie Gibson

drhillDr. Katie Gibson was born and raised in New Jersey and then moved to North Carolina when she was in high school. Her parents were falconers so she spent her childhood training hawks and owls that her family had for falconry and rehabilitation. That probably helped to trigger her love for exotics. Growing up she had everything from snakes, frogs, lizards, birds, dogs, ferrets, fish, to sugar gliders as pets.

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Our Staff

Advanced Medical Training With Compassionate Care

At Boca Park Animal Hospital, our top priorities are the health, safety and comfort of your pet. Not only is our staff highly trained in the most advanced pet care, we are also passionate about all animals. This passion is what drives us in all that we do. When your pet visits Boca Park Animal Hospital, they will be treated by the best veterinary nurses, client care coordinators and boarding attendants.

Jody - Licensed Veterinary Nurse/Practice Manager

_DSC8754hiresJody started her profession, veterinary nursing, in 2007 and became licensed in 2009. Through the years she has acquired multiple skills and knowledge. Jody became a nurse so she could provide compassionate care and excellent treatment. She enjoys every part of her career but her favorites are dentistry, emergency care, and pain management. Jody enjoys swimming, movies, and spending time with her two children, her Golden Retriever, and her Chihuahua She also has a leopard gecko and a variety of water pets.

Raquel - Licensed Veterinary Nurse/ Treatment Manager

raquelRaquel was born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica and came to the United States at the age of 19. She left her previous career for her true love of animal welfare and veterinary medicine, becoming a Licensed Veterinary Nurse in 2010. Raquel shares her home with four flat-faced Persian cats, and her two King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppies.

Oneida - Licensed Veterinary Nurse, Treatment Supervisor

oneidaOneida Vianey was born in Mexico but has been raised in Las Vegas since she was 2 years old. She has been in the veterinary field since 2007 and received her Veterinary Technician License in 2009. Oneida loves to read, write and attempt to stay fit. She shares a home with her pack; American Eskimo Lunatic, Lab mix Einstein and Australian Shepard mix Nicolai Fury. Oneida enjoys her career because she provides professional, compassionate and dedicated care to her patients and pet parents.

Kathryn - Licensed Veterinary Nurse

kathrynKathryn moved to Las Vegas in 2011 from Rock Springs, Wyoming. She has always loved animals which led her to get her degree as a Veterinary Nurse from Pima Medical Institute. She has 5 furry children at home, 2 cats Alex and Ebony, 2 dogs Reggie and Rufo, and a ferret named Coco. Outside of work, Kathryn enjoys spending time with her family, painting, and participating in obstacle marathons.

Beverly - Licensed Veterinary Nurse

kathrynBeverly has been in the veterinary field since 2009. She has the love and compassion for animals of all shapes and sizes. Beverly loves to provide the best possible care for everyone. Her large furry family consists of Black Lab named Cole, German Shepherd Roxy, 3 tri-color corgis, Lilly, Windy and Hercules. During her free time Beverly enjoys hiking and spending time with friends and family.

Ashley Winter - Licensed Veterinary Nurse

Born and Raised in Las Vegas Ashley grew up watching her mom be a veterinary technician for the 5th Licensed vet in town! She became a Princess for Celebrate Kids mainly playing Cinderella. She graduated the Veterinary technician program in 2012 and enjoys emergency medicine, equine and has a love of giant breed dogs. She lives with her husband Dustin and daughter Skarlette along with her Great Danes Diesel and Rogue, her 5 chickens- Fizby, Cinderella, Minnie, Elsa, and Maleficent, 2 red eared sliders and fish. She enjoys crafting, going to church and taking bubble baths, and anything Disney, especially princesses!

Allison - Veterinary Nurse Assistant

kathrynAllison was born and raised in Los Olivos, CA. She has always had a passion for animals. She has been in the veterinary field since 2008, where she received her vet assistant certification. She later enrolled in Penn Foster's Veterinarian Technician program as well as receiving her B.S. in criminal Justice. Allison enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, and spending time with her family and friends. She has a house filled with her for crazy pets Jameson, Duke, Thomas, and Tri-pawd.

Charlie - Veterinary Assistant

kathrynCharlie found her passion for animals at a young age on her parents ranch in Arizona. She has over 10 years experience in the veterinary field. Enjoys spending time with her three furballs Bruno, Mila, and Scrappy. One cat who rules them all. On her free time she enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors.

Dani - Veterinary Assistant

Dani has always had a passion for helping animals. Her goal is to go to WSU and become a DVM. Dani would love to travel the world and work with wild life. She enjoys spending time at home with her dog, Galahad, and her sugar gliders, Dolce and Gabbana.

David Butler - Veterinary Assistant

David is an aspiring comic book illustrator with a passion in caring for a wide variety of animals. Originally from upstate New York and most recently from Los Angeles, David spent time working in a pet hotel. He lives with his partner of 5 years and their 2 dogs Chihuahua Lyla Bell and Jack Russel Terrier Lulu Rose. He enjoys spending time writing, illustrating, hiking and camping.

Mike - Veterinary Assistant

aliciaMike was born and raised in San Diego, California. He moved to Vegas after high school with his family. Mike has always had pets growing up and they have helped him grow as a person. He has eight years experience in the veterinary industry working in the boarding and hospital side of the field. Mike hopes to see your loving companion boarding with us soon!

Veronica - Veterinary Nurse in Training

veronicaVeronica was born in the Philippines, and came to Las Vegas when she was 15 years old. She grew up around the ocean and tropical wildlife, and is passionate about animals. Her and her hubby run their household zoo, with their dog Goonie, parrot ChaCha, bearded dragon Worf, desert tortoises Thing 1 & Thing 2, 2 tanks full of happy fishes, shrimps and Trevor the frog, a little Betta named Koi, and their newborn (human) baby, Ryan.

Jayme - Veterinary Nurse in Training

jasmineJayme began her career in the veterinary field 13 years ago in Columbus, Ohio her hometown. She and her husband have resided in Las Vegas for the past 4 years with their Doberman Mayha, Rottweiler Finlay, Squidjie the one eyed pug, Baloney the handsome dumpster cat and Tulip the Iguana. In Jayme's free time she enjoys crossfit, watching movies or cleaning up pug hair. She has at last completed the arduous task of veterinary technician schooling and is anxiously awaiting to take her state medical board exam this fall.

Justin - Animal Caretaker Manager

justinJustin is originally from Las Vegas, but lived in South Dakota for over 6 years where he earned a degree in business and marketing. After graduating college, he moved back to Las Vegas and decided to change careers to enter the veterinary field too follow his passion for animals. Justin loves the outdoors and cooking.

Geinee - Animal Caretaker Supervisor

geineeGeinee was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States when she was 16. She has been living in Nevada for over 2 years and has attended Pima Medical Institute for Veterinary Assisting. She has plans to pursue Veterinary Technician in the future. In Geinee's free time she enjoys spending time with her two fur babies named Quincee and Sofie, and doing art.

Wyatt - Animal Caretaker

wyattWyatt is originally from Owyhee, NV, a town located on the boarder of Idaho and Nevada. He developed his love for animals from growing up on a ranch where he was raised with multiple mammals. Wyatt moved to Las Vegas last summer to work in Video Production and decided to change careers to enter the veterinary field. He currently shares his home with his 1 year old Tabby cat, Clarence.

Alexis - Animal Caretaker

aliciaAlexis has lived in Las Vegas for roughly 10 years. She's originally from Alaska and has lived in many places in between. She is currently going to school to become a veterinarian so that she can pursue her passion for animals and research. She has 3 dog babies-- Mijo, Chewie, and Simba. On her free time she likes to play video games, eat, explore new places in the city, and spend time with friends/family.

Theresa Teich - Animal Caretaker

Theresa is originally from Southern California and has lived in Las Vegas for 29 years. She has always had a compassion for animals. Her lifelong goal is to become a veterinary technician. She has 1 daughter and 1 son and has; Porkchop a French bulldog, Zelda a special needs Chihuahua, Marley a chiweenie, Rolo a dachshund, Gremlin a Sphynx cat, and Eleven a Hairless Hamster. She enjoys playing video games, taking her dog to the park and spending time with her family!

Kim - Client Care Coordinator Supervisor

_DSC8820hiresKim was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ where she married her husband of 22 years Fran and raised here two children Abby and Thomas. Dogs have always been members of their family as well, starting with Isabel as the oldest 16, Eva 6 and the newest addition Piper. In her spare time she enjoys arts and crafts, family outings, and relaxing with the animals she loves.

Nicaela - Client Care Coordinator

Nicaela was born and raised here in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has attended school for criminal justice and hopes to further her career. Nicaela has been in the veterinary field since 2014 and continues to take care of precious animals. She enjoys going to the movies, cooking, and spending time with her pups. Nicaela has to furry family members, Nina, Pitbull and Diamond, Chihuahua.

Stacy Rae Weeks - Client Care Coordinator

Stacy has rescued and been in the animal field since childhood. At a young age she operated her own pet sitting and dog walking business. She aspires to get continuing education to become a certified dog trainer. She also is Reiki attuned level II which the animal she comes into contact with responds positively too. She enjoys her time snuggling with her cats Carl Jones and Petey Lou. She also spends time doing reading and research as well as cooking, baking and coloring!

Sarah Contreras - Client Care Coordinator

Sarah is from Las Vegas and enjoys going hiking and working out. She aspires to go into the medical field whether human or animal for a future career. She spends time snuggling her shih tzu/poodle mix Bobby and her Pitbull Gatsby. She also enjoys spending time with her brother, sister and 3 nephews.

Remington - Playground Attendant

kathrynRemington is currently the youngest employee at Boca Park Animal Hospital. She has loved volunteering for the last three years. Remington attends Palo Verde High School and she has been on the women's varsity lacrosse team since the start of freshman season. She loves animal and wishes to own more. Remington's dream companion is a rescued big dog of some breed that she hopes to love forever.

Korrin - Playground Attendant

kathrynKorrin started as a volunteer here and now is employed as a playground attendant. She has 4 dogs, Mocha, Mini, Pep-c, and Jesse. Korrin also has 3 cats, Gintler, Tink, and Champ. In her free time she enjoys fishing and riding her bike. Korrin has been a wonderful addition to our family here at Boca Park Animal Hospital.

Caitlin - Playground Attendant

Caitlin is from Sacramento, CA and has lived in Las Vegas for 13 years. She graduated from Shadow Ridge High. Caitlin received job training through opportunity village who recognized her love for animals which led her to us. Caitlin has gown up with her Springer Spaniel named Sheba, and lots of kitties, including Mouse, Dawg, and George. She has helped take care of Clawdia for 19 years! Caitlin has always loved cats and dogs and enjoys dog-sitting for friends and family. She enjoys arts and crafts, ceramic, pottery, and music. Also, you may find her playing with the cats in boarding during her free time!

Amy - Groomer

_DSC8896hiresOriginally from South Dakota, Amy has lived in Las Vegas for the past 38 years. Amy has two lovely sons, three cats and three fish. She has 26 years of grooming experience, which includes owning her own business. She enjoys off-road racing and drag bikes. Amy is very excited about working for the Boca Park Animal Hospital and in particular, looking forward to meeting clients, both old and new.

Kristi - Groomer

kathrynGraduated from Academy of Dog Grooming Arts in Illinois in 2007 and have been grooming ever since. Moved to Nevada from Illinois in January 2016 and feel lucky to now be a part of Boca Park Animal Hospital . I am blessed to have been able to work with animals for all these years and can't imagine doing anything else. At home I have a boxer beagle mix named Keyla, and two cats Jeffrey and onyx! They are my babies! I am loving Vegas and am excited to build good relationships with all my new clients!